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Lose weight, accelerate calorie burning and eliminate toxins quickly and easily.

Sweat waistcoat
Get once and for all the body you've always imagined you'd like to have.
Sauna effect
The sauna effect waistcoat that helps to accelerate sweating, warm up your body, lose weight and define your figure.
Reduces belly fat
It helps to reduce the fat that accumulates in the abdominal area, which is more difficult to get rid of.

About Swettax Vest

This slimming waistcoat made of neoprene, is the most effective and simple way to lose weight and slim your figure at the same time.
  • Specially designed to maximise the results of physical exercise, as it increases body temperature, sweating and favours the elimination of fat and toxins.
  • Take care of your back and avoid injuries thanks to the total and perfect support that enhances the training in a comfortable and effective way!
  • Unisex: Models and sizes available for both men and women. Both include zip for ease of use.
Read on, there are even more benefits!

Main advantages:

Slimming waistcoat
Sweat waistcoat to lose weight in a short time
Made of neoprene
Made of neoprene, it increases sweating and burns more calories and toxins.
Take care of your back
This waistcoat improves body posture and helps to relieve back pain during exercise.
Visible results
Get a flat stomach with less effort and in less time.
The perfect gift
The perfect gift for family and friends who want to lose weight.
Available sizes
Three sizes available: M, L & XL


Is the material rigid?
No, the sweat waistcoat is made of neoprene which is very comfortable, elastic and flexible.
Are they unisex or are there different models?
There is one model for women and one for men. Both with three different sizes.
Can it be put in the washing machine?
It is advisable to wash it by hand without using bleach.
Are there any promotions available?
Yes, during its launch and for a limited time only, there is a 50% discount promotion.
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